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  • Customer must meet or exceed ordering amounts in all categories to qualify for the featured promotion. No combining promotional tiers. No exceptions.
  • Discounts may only be applied to one or more qualifying sales order statement. Additions to that order may be made to achieve the qualifying terms; however, they must be added during the course of the same business day in which the original sales order was placed, and between the hours of 7 a.m. to 7 p.m during applicable business days (Monday - Friday).
  • A customer may not combine existing customer loyalty discounts with the featured promotional specified tier incentive discount. Maevn will honor the higher of the two discounts, or upgrade the customer loyalty discount to achieve an incentivized discount rate.
  • Any customer on net ten (10) terms or credit card terms will receive an additional 2% discount over and above the promotional tier discount.
  • Failure to meet promotional compliance with the rules and regulations of the featured promotion will result in disqualification, an exclusion to participate in all future promotions for one calendar year. Compliance is inclusive of all promotional sales order(s) to be paid in full as specified within the guidelines of the participants stipulated promotional tier terms. Maevn Fixture promotion may not be combined with the featured promotion being offered. For further assistance please contact customerrelations@maevn.com